The last turns of insipid timber and minimalistic

accoutrements are trends we’re happy to see fading away.

And in their place? A totally new aesthetic.

Now you’re in charge.

We’ve all come of age. No longer can we be solely guided into the scant and pared. Or whatever else is heading towards a trend. Since Covid turned us into homebodies we have dusted off old reservations to reveal confidence that comes with clarity.
If we like the feel of soft cashmere and love the abandon of crushed linen. Or like to see silk here and there to add a spark to merino wool. Fascinated by Modal and Cupro, bamboo, natural stone or raw copper? Perhaps knitted rattan, steel, and aged wood, glass or old twisted aluminum?
It’s all yours. Modern, the new Art Deco, Classic – your own tendencies are there to be revealed.

And what of colour?

Let’s welcome the warmth of caramels and tans and if we like green, then maybe we might like the depth of khaki spiked with chilli.
Or gold interspersed with charcoal. Bright pink can become fuschia or bright orange can be terracotta or bronze – and they can all live comfortably together. Red, white and blue can live on, small pale patterns coming into prominence for next summer fashion can inspire a pale palette for living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.

Lux Velvet Cushions.

Velvet is a timeless fabric and design staple that will last for years to come. The beautiful range offers a classic and sophisticated aesthetic to any piece of furniture. Made from the softest velvet, they are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and texture.

You call the tune. We can access it for you.

In the past, we’ve been alarmed by practices that reduce compliant animals to disposable matter and we have been fraught by nature being treated like there was no tomorrow – but not now.
Now, there’s a choice. We’ll have no more of that.

Pure Cashmere Throws 

Hand-loomed by skilled artisans these pure cashmere throws add a tactile grace to any room.  With a subtle fringe, they can be styled together, with a simple cushion or pair with a contrasting pattern for a bolder impact.

Time to get creative.

This season you can turn your mind instead to the richest plain silk velvets, hand-spun throws with heritage wool for keepsakes and not for burning.  Sculptures are coming out of cupboards and refreshed design with tribal floor rugs.
These new woven finds not only cushion the feet but offer clean beautifully crafted delights for lasting beauty that follow a long line of tribal rug ancestors.
Lighting can be concealed or bouncing off walls, softly falling from lampshades or designer installations.
And yes! Art keeps a watch for an opportunity anywhere and loves the invitation of a blank wall!
Every artist on our books is Australian and we can treat you to a meeting via Zoom, profile them or treat you to their exhibitions.

Hand Woven Cushions 

Woven from super-soft pure cotton, these cushions feature a perfectly stitched embroidered dot pattern in warming natural and coffee tones. Ideal for adding to your bed or sofa, or style with velvet cushions together for an individual statement. 

Time to design with us.

Right now, just make way for what you love. Clear the way to re-invent and refresh. Tell us all about it and we’ll help you put the look together.
What a comfort. You can choose to be in touch with nature – and your true nature. It all starts with you.
Carole is in-store Fridays and Saturdays and is available for Interior Design inquiries. Come and have a chat – all you may need is a quick inquiry or brief visit.
If you are interested in an at-home consultation-  we can go from there, be it to brief, draughting plans and concept boards.
We can also work directly with your architect. It’s totally up to you.
Just enjoy the possibility of being a free spirit!

Interior Design Enquiry

Carole Cherry
As well as being a co-owner of Urban Oasis, Carole has extensive experience as an interior designer, having transformed some of Sydney’s most beautiful homes over the last 40 years.
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