The need to hibernate is becoming very real as the temperature continues to plummet and frost is forming on our fingers.

After COVID it’s hard to find a few more interesting movies to watch, that we haven’t already seen! So I have put together some of my favourites to hopefully brighten up your screens and inspire your winter style.

Stay cosy.

Holly Cherry

Rug up for the Cinema

Before you go into full hibernation mode, take the kids, grandkids or other big kids to see In The Heights. I know it’s so cold these days that you can’t feel the tip of your nose but I have a plan. We just received the most beautiful heavyweight ponchos in camel, grey and charcoal which you can put over a coat for an extra layer against the chill without the full winter bulk.

You will love the movie if you like musicals! Based on the Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda (he also wrote Hamilton), the movie was brought forward due to the pandemic and it a big splash about family, love, and the idea of home – with a great soundtrack.

No matter the challenges facing the characters, the music and dancing keep going. The soundtrack mixes various sounds from hip-hop, rap and Broadway-style ballads, and even bolero and flamenco alongside a lot of salsa and some merengue thrown in. The dancing also reflects those varying styles, putting ballet side by side with salsa and hip-hop, so whether you like modern dance or classic style you will be happy. I challenge you not to be moving your feet –  the kids tried to salsa all the way home – who knows, we may have a new Broadway star!

Date Night In

It’s not a movie but after chapter 1 you will be hooked, I promise! No one is immune to the cool french charm of Lupin. Starring Omar Sy who you may know from The Intouchables back in 2011. The French have a way of transporting you to the most beautiful parts of Paris, and while we can’t be there in person, this is a perfect mini-break to have you dreaming of baguettes and brulee (and diamonds) – no other country can match. This is France’s answer to Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood but with a sweeter smile and a softer touch while still have the pace and the grit to keep the story interesting.  I can’t wait for Chapter 3!

Add a little more cosiness to date night with the new Glasshouse candlelight and the sweet smells of vanilla ice cream, roasted almond-studded waffle cones and sticky salted caramelised popcorn.

Classic Crime

You may realise I do have a bit of persuasion for European life. I have always loved roaming cities and counties to just see one more amazing view or sunset, so my movie choices are no different.  Audrey Hepburn is well known for many more famous movies and this underrated Hitchcock classic is one of my favourites  – she’s a little bit older and has a little more pizazz than past characters and to have her banter with Cary Grant is a perfect evening in with a bottle of red. We meet a heroine who talks of divorcing her husband to then find out he has died, and a series of events causes her to question everyone and not sure who she should trust. In true Hitchcock style, the stakes keep changing until the end!

You can get a lot of inspiration for winter dressing in this movie, just look at her at the snow. Our faux fur Ellana Cossack hat is fleece-lined but is a true Audrey essential teamed with a scarf and sunnies. Your next adventure will be glamourous, hopefully with fewer men in dark corners.

Not all Superheroes Wear Caps

This is a truly inspirational story of  Rohnny Kahn originally from South Africa. She is now based in Sydney and began her food fight when starting the charity OzHarvest and to reduce food waste. The documentary was filmed over 2 years and crossed 4 continents as she champions how we can reduce our waste and support the community around us. She is so full of energy and passion for what she does – a truly amazing woman.

Next on Kahn’s list is getting an education program for nine to 12 year olds included in the national curriculum; it will focus on everything from sustainability to healthy eating, and will hopefully bring change into more homes. There’s also an app on the way that will connect those in regional and remote areas with food rescued by OzHarvest.

I felt her message so strongly  – for those who may feel powerless to change things? Just do it, whether “it” means starting a one-woman charity as Kahn did or sharing your ideas for reducing waste on social media. “Where we’re particularly lucky here is that nobody’s going to jail us for talking out or taking action,” she says.

Look at other ways people are adapting their lifestyles for a more sustainable approach and also a range of products that reuse and are sustainable. More than ever I am happy we can continue to support sustainable brands and products.

Foreign Affair

You may have see the American remake of this German/Italian original but I have to say the original is always the best! I am a fan of any movie that mixes great food and romance and did someone say Italy? Si!

The sort is about Martha – who is one of the best chefs in Germany, but she is business-like and strict in her approach to her craft. When it comes to food, she is a font of knowledge, but she cooks with determination, not passion. And then she must raise her niece and has to learn to adapt abruptly.  The film has a lighthearted edge. There are many slyly comedic moments, many of which centre around Martha’s regular visits to her therapist. She spends hours on his couch, regaling him with descriptions of her kitchen creations.

Sergio Castellitto is a lovely Italian chef, the delightful Mario, the man with a big heart and a bigger personality. You will want pasta by the end of this film. I am happy to offer some great cooking options. A perfect winter antidote. Also, the full Italian experience, the scent of Italy is not far.

But now I need more! What are you watching?

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